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30 September, 2012

amateur ladyboys

It is well known that many ladyboy fans like their Asian Transsexuals before all the operations they decide to get as they move on in their transition. If you are one of those people or just like both views then you might be very interested in this new solo and hardcore site called Femboy Joy. The site only features Thailand Shemales before they go under the knife as you might say and I must say some of them, well most of them are completely stunning with great bodies, nice cocks and beautiful faces. I would not say there is a lot of kinky action but you do have some bareback play, foot, creampies and the like but nothing in the world of bondage or domination. For sure this is more of a playful site but I thought people here would be interested in learning a lot more about it!

Asian Transsexuals, Here Is More!

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